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- Understanding RSSI

Returns the current Received Signal Strength Indication which is a measurement of the power present in a received WiFi signal in dBm (decibel milliwatt).

app.GetRSSI() → number: integer: -127..-30

Understanding RSSI

Signal Strength TL;DR Required for
-30 dBm Amazing N/A
-67 dBm Very Good VoIP/VoWiFi, streaming video
-70 dBm Okay Email, web
-80 dBm Not Good N/A
-90 dBm Unusable N/A
-127 dBm Disabled N/A


See Also: SetWifiEnabled, IsWifiEnabled

Example - Show RSSI

function OnStart()
    app.Animate( ShowRSSI, 1);

function ShowRSSI()
    var rssi = app.GetRSSI();
    app.ShowPopup( rssi );
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