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Use DiscoverBtDevices to search for other bluetooth devices which are not paired with the current device.

app.DiscoverBtDevices( filter, onFound, onComplete )

If any was found it will be forwarded directly to the onFound callback. If the search has finished onComplete function will be called.

See Also: CreateBluetoothSerial, PairBtDevice, IsBtDevicePaired

Example - Discover Bluetooth Devices

function OnStart()
    lay = app.CreateLayout( "linear", "VCenter,FillXY" );

    lst = app.CreateList( "", 0.8, 0.4 );
    lay.AddChild( lst );

    app.AddLayout( lay );

    app.DiscoverBtDevices( "", OnFound, OnComplete );

function OnFound( name, address)
    lst.AddItem( name, address );

function OnComplete()
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function( name, address )