Hello World
- Methods

Creates a new PlayStore instance for retreiving informations or purchasing items.

pls = app.CreatePlayStore() → app object: PlayStore

Note: This function is a premium feature. Please consider subscribing to Premium to use this feature and support DroidScript in its further development.

Notes: If your email address is listed in the 'licence testing' section of the developer console settings page, then using this sample will result in a test subscription with an order id of '1234' which recurs daily (even if configured for monthly) and you will not be charged.
Subscriptions can be cancelled in the Google Play App found on your device (they will stay active for the remains of the period that has been purchased).


The following methods are available on the PlayStore object:

GetType() → string: “PlayStore”
string: IAP or SUBS
string: “SUBS”
list: of objects: [{ skuDetailsToken, productId, type, price, price_amount_micros, price_currency_code, title, description }]
function( items )
function( prodId, orderId, purchToken, devToken, packageName )
Get product info of paid items from Google Play.
Get product info of purchased items from Google Play.
Returns the control class name.
Purchase an item on Google Play.