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ChooseWifi lets the user select a WiFi network in his range.

app.ChooseWifi( title1, title2, callback, options, extra )

title1 and title2 are the titles for the scanning and the selection process. They default to “Scanning” and “Select WiFi”.

The callback function returns the name and the ssid of the selected network.

You can set the force option so that the dialog cannot be closed until the user has selected an item.

Finally you can add extra items as pipe “|” separated string - ie. to add a default “[None]” entry to select no wifi network.

See Also:  WifiConnect

Example - Choose WiFi Network

function OnStart()
    lay = app.CreateLayout( "linear", "VCenter,FillXY" );

    btnChoose = app.CreateButton( "Choose WiFi", 0.5, 0.1 );
    btnChoose.SetOnTouch( btnChoose_OnTouch );
    lay.AddChild( btnChoose );

    app.AddLayout( lay );

function btnChoose_OnTouch()
    app.ChooseWifi( "", "", OnWifiChoose );

function OnWifiChoose( ssid )
     app.ShowPopup( "User selected " + ssid );
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string: comma “,” separated: “force” or “large”
string: comma “,” separated: “ssids”
function( ssid )