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Porting Exploits to the Metasploit Framework


Wrapping Up

This chapter was designed to help you understand how to port different 
stand-alone exploits into the Metasploit Framework. You can import into the 
Framework in a number of ways, and different exploits will require different 
approaches and techniques. 

At the beginning of this chapter, you learned how to use some basic 

assembly instructions to perform a simple stack overflow and port it into the 
Framework. We moved on to SEH overwrites, which we were able to use to 
maneuver around the handler and gain remote code execution. We used a 


 technique to gain the ability to execute code remotely, and we 

used Metasploit to open a Meterpreter shell. 

In the next chapter, we will begin to dive into the Meterpreter scripting 

language and post exploitation modules. When we compromise a system and 
leverage Meterpreter, we can perform a number of additional attacks. We’ll 
create our own Meterpreter scripts and learn how the Framework is structured 
and how use it to maximum effect.