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We would like to thank a number of people, begin-
ning with the folks whose hard work provides the 
community with an invaluable tool. Special thanks to 
the Metasploit Team: HD Moore, James Lee, David 
D. Rude II, Tod Beardsley, Jonathan Cran, Stephen 
Fewer, Joshua Drake, Mario Ceballos, Ramon Valle,

Patrick Webster, Efrain Torres, Alexandre Maloteaux, Wei Chen, Steve Tornio, 
Nathan Keltner, Chris Gates, Carlos Perez, Matt Weeks, and Raphael Mudge. 
Also an extra thanks to Carlos Perez for his assistance in writing portions of 
the Meterpreter scripting chapter.

Many thanks to Scott White, technical reviewer for this book, for being 


Thanks to Offensive-Security for bringing us all together. The Offensive-

Security trademark phrase “Try Harder” alternately inspires and tortures us 
(ryujin is evil).