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When we began writing this book, we had in mind a comment by HD 

Moore, developer of the Metasploit Framework. In a conversation with HD 
about the development of our Metasploit Unleashed course, one of us said 
to him, “I hope the course comes out good.” To this offhand comment, HD 
merely replied, “Then make sure it is good.” And that’s just what we’ve 
attempted to do with this book. 

As a group, we are experienced penetration testers who use Metasploit 

daily to circumvent security controls, bypass protections, and attack systems 
methodically. We wrote this book with the intention of helping our readers 
become competent penetration testers. HD’s drive and focus on quality is 
apparent within the Metasploit Framework, and we have tried to match those 
characteristics in this book. We leave it up to you to judge how well we have 
lived up to that standard.