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Chapter 11


./ -i

 ******* Performing dependency checks... *******
 *** FreeTDS and PYMMSQL are installed. (Check) ***
 *** PExpect is installed. (Check) ***
 *** ClientForm is installed. (Check) ***
 *** Psyco is installed. (Check) ***
 *** Beautiful Soup is installed. (Check) ***
 *** PyMills is installed. (Check) ***
 Also ensure ProFTP, WinEXE, and SQLite3 is installed from
 the Updates/Installation menu.
 Your system has all requirements needed to run Fast-Track!
 Fast-Track Main Menu:
 Fast-Track - Where it's OK to finish in under 3 minutes...
 Version: v4.0
 Written by: David Kennedy (ReL1K)
 1.  Fast-Track Updates
 2.  Autopwn Automation
 3.  Microsoft SQL Tools
 4.  Mass Client-Side Attack
 5.  Exploits
 6.  Binary to Hex Payload Converter
 7.  Payload Generator
 8.  Fast-Track Tutorials
 9.  Fast-Track Changelog
 10. Fast-Track Credits
 11. Exit
 Enter the number: 

You can see the general categories of attacks and features in Fast-Track’s 

main menu above though we’ll only cover selected ones in this chapter. 
We’ll explore some of the most useful tricks, with an emphasis on exploiting 
Microsoft SQL. For example, the Autopwn Automation menu simplifies the 
process of Metasploit’s autopwn functionality—simply enter the IP address, 
and Fast-Track sets up everything for you. The Exploits menu contains addi-
tional exploits not included in Metasploit. 

Microsoft SQL Injection

SQL injection (SQLi) attacks

 piggyback SQL commands to assault web applica-

tions by exploiting insecure code. A SQL query can be inserted into the back-
end database via a trusted web server to execute commands on the database. 
Fast-Track automates the process of performing advanced SQL injection