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F A S T - T R A C K

Fast-Track is an open source Python-based tool for 
augmenting advanced penetration testing techniques. 
Fast-Track uses the Metasploit Framework for payload 
delivery and client-side attack vectors. It complements 
Metasploit by adding additional features, including 
Microsoft SQL attacks, more exploits, and browser 
attack vectors. Fast-Track was created by Dave Kennedy, 
with contributions from Andrew Weidenhamer, John 
Melvin, and Scott White. It is currently updated and 
maintained by Joey Furr (j0fer).

Fast-Track’s interactive mode is the way to use it. To enter interactive 

mode, as shown below, use 

./ -i

 (which is similar to the com-

mand used by SET). By issuing different options and sequences, you can cus-
tomize your attack, targets, and more. (You can also use 

./ –g


to load the web interface.)