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The Social-Engineer Toolkit


Now that you have a 


 file, you will need to download and use the 

Arduino interface, which is a graphical user interface for compiling the 



files to be uploaded to your Teensy device.

For this attack, follow the instructions at PJRC (

) for 

uploading your code to the Teensy board. It’s relatively simple. You install 
the Teensy loader and libraries. Then you’ll see an IDE (Integrated Drive 
Electronics) interface called 




(Arduino/Teensy is supported on 

Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows operating systems.) One of the 



tant aspects of this is that you ensure that you set your board to a Teensy USB 
keyboard/mouse, as show in Figure 10-7.

Figure 10-7: Setting up the Teensy device

After you have this selected, drag your 


 file into the Arduino inter-

face. Insert your USB device into the computer and upload your code. This 
will program your device with the SET-generated code. Figure 10-8 shows the 
code being uploaded.

After the programmed USB device is inserted into the target’s machine 

and the code is installed, you should see a Meterpreter shell:

[*] Sending stage (748544 bytes) to
[*] Meterpreter session 1 opened ( -> at 

Thu June 09 12:52:32 -0400 2010

[*] Session ID 1 ( -> processing 

InitialAutoRunScript 'migrate -f'

[*] Current server process: java.exe (824)
[*] Spawning a notepad.exe host process...
[*] Migrating into process ID 3044
[*] New server process: notepad.exe (3044)