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The Metasploit Framework is an infamously volatile project; the code 

base is updated dozens of times every day by a core group of developers and 
submissions from hundreds of community contributors. Writing a book about 
the Framework is a masochistic endeavor; by the time that a given chapter 
has been proofread, the content may already be out of date. The authors 
took on the Herculean task of writing this book in such a way that the con-
tent will still be applicable by the time it reaches its readers.

The Metasploit team has been involved with this book to make sure that 

changes to the code are accurately reflected and that the final result is as close 
to zero-day coverage of the Metasploit Framework as is humanly possible. We 
can state with full confidence that it is the best guide to the Metasploit Frame-
work available today, and it will likely remain so for a long time. We hope you 
find this book valuable in your work and an excellent reference in your trials 

HD Moore
Founder, The Metasploit Project