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The Social-Engineer Toolkit


to look at the newly designed corporate website. Each email was personalized 
with the recipient’s name and claimed that the employee could click a link to 
see a picture of himself on the corporate home page. The email said that this 
new website displayed the employee’s photograph as a testimony to his hard 
work. Curiosity and fear were the prime motivators in getting each target to 
click the URL immediately.

After the target clicked the link, a Java applet notification popped up, 

signed by the employee’s corporation. The target clicked the run command 
because the notification looked legitimate; however, the command was based 
on the cloned site under the fake domain. Even though the employees didn’t 
see their pictures, they were presented with a website that looked legitimate, 
not realizing that their machines had been compromised: When the user 
clicked Run on the Java applet security prompt, a payload was executed and 
a shell delivered to the attacker. Once the payload was executed, the target 
was redirected back to the legitimate site. 

SET can be used to clone a website and rewrite portions of it so that 

when a target visits the malicious site it looks identical to the original site. 
Let’s see how we could set up this attack on a fictitious site, 


, in SET:



Select from the menu:

2.  Website Attack Vectors

Enter your choice: 


 1. The Java Applet Attack Method

Enter your choice (press enter for default): 


The first method will allow SET to import a list of pre-defined
web applications that it can utilize within the attack.

The second method will completely clone a website of your choosing
and allow you to utilize the attack vectors within the completely
same web application you were attempting to clone.

The third method allows you to import your own website, note that you
should only have an index.html when using the import website

[!] Website Attack Vectors [!]

1. Web Templates

 2. Site Cloner

3. Custom Import
4. Return to main menu

Enter number (1-4):