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Chapter 10

What do you want to do:

 1. E-Mail Attack Single Email Address

2. E-Mail Attack Mass Mailer
3. Return to main menu.

Enter your choice: 


Do you want to use a predefined template or craft
a one time email template.

 1. Pre-Defined Template

2. One-Time Use Email Template

Enter your choice: 


Below is a list of available templates:

1: New Update
2: Computer Issue
3: Strange internet usage from your computer
4: LOL...have to check this out...

5: Status Report

6: Pay Raise Application Form
7: WOAAAA!!!!!!!!!! This is crazy...
8: BasketBall Tickets
9: Baby Pics
10: Have you seen this?
11: Termination List
12: How long has it been?
13: Dan Brown's Angels & Demons

Enter the number you want to use: 


 Enter who you want to send email to:

What option do you want to use?

1. Use a GMAIL Account for your email attack.
2. Use your own server or open relay

Enter your choice: 


 Enter your GMAIL email address:

Enter your password for gmail (it will not be displayed back to you):

SET has finished delivering the emails.

Next we email this attack to a single email address   using the SET pre-

defined email template   

Status Report

  . Finally, we enter the email address 


)   to send the malicious file to and have SET 

use a Gmail account   to send the message.