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Chapter 9

In the prior example, we search for “foursquare”  , issue the 



mand   to select the auxiliary module, and display the information   for 
the selected module. Based on the options presented above, we need to con-
figure a few of them first.

 msf auxiliary(foursquare) > 

set VENUEID 2584421

VENUEID => 2584421
msf auxiliary(foursquare) > 


USERNAME => metasploit
msf auxiliary(foursquare) > 

set PASSWORD ilovemetasploit

PASSWORD => ilovemetasploit

 msf auxiliary(foursquare) > 


[*] Base64 Encoded User/Pass: bXNmQGVsd29vZC5uZXQ6aWxvdmVtZXRhc3Bsb2l0
[*] Base64 Decoded User/Pass:
[*] HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8
Date: Sat, 08 May 2010 07:42:09 GMT
Content-Length: 1400
Server: nginx/0.7.64
Connection: keep-alive

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<checkin><id>40299544</id><created>Sat, 08 May 10 07:42:09 +0000</created><message>OK! 
We've got you @ Washington DC Union Station. This is your 1st checkin here!</message>
<venue><id>2584421</id><name>Washington DC Union Station</name><primarycategory><id>79283</
id><fullpathname>Travel:Train Station</fullpathname><nodename>Train Station</nodename>
category><address>Union Station</address><city>Washington</city><state>DC</state><geolat>
gender></user><message>Ron is The Mayor of Washington DC Union Station.</message></mayor>
.png</icon><description>Congrats on your first check-in!</description></badge></badges>
<message>First stop tonight </message></score><score><points>5</points><icon>http://</icon><message>First time @ Washington DC Union Station!</

In order to run this module successfully, we need a valid set of Four-

square credentials to do the check-in. We first define the VenueID that we 
find online with a bit of Googling  , and then we set our Foursquare creden-
tials   and run the module. We get a successful result with the Foursquare 
service confirming our check-in and giving us five points  . 

In this case, we have submitted a request to “check in” at Union Station 

in Washington, DC, on the Foursquare service (see Figure 9-1).

Figure 9-1: A successful check-in at Union Station